Our Mission, Vision and Values

``We Add Value to Your Milk``

About us

It started its production activities in 2002 with a portfolio that provides the collection, transportation and cooling of milk in the dairy industry. In 2001, upon the increase in capacity and the expansion of the machine park, it made a new factory investment in Sakarya 1st Organized Industrial Zone. Today, it continues its activities in an area of 1 5000 m2 with its developing customer portfolio, product range and production capacity
With the importance it attaches to people and the environment, it has taken it as its duty to continue its production activities without compromising on quality, to create new employment areas by producing added value for our country, and to contribute to the country’s economy by making new investments
As the pioneer of new developments and differentiation, our company, which has made progress with serious and confident steps since its establishment, can provide full assurance to its customers with its sales policy, production quality and widespread service network in every point of Turkey
It continues on its way with the philosophy of consolidating its place in the competitive environment in the national and international market by offering the highest quality products in the dairy industry, keeping up with the technology of the future as well as today’s technology by investing in production technologies.
Our company, which supports domestic and national production to the end, reduces foreign dependency by preventing imports in our country with its products and contributes approximately 10,000 million per year. As the PEYMAK family, we are honored to share the future with you, with our increasing capacity, quality and motivation

From past to present..


Foundation 300m2


Capacity increase 1300m2


First export


4000m2 capacity increase


Export to 20 countriest


United Nations supplier firm approval


New factory investment 15.000 m2 SAP Business One, German Investment designed by SAP SE It is a business management software


Export to 32 Countries


Integrated Management System


+ Export to 55 countries EHEDG membership
Green factory solar power switch to system


Integrity: We stay true to our commitments while earning their trust and respect by establishing honest and fair relationships with our customers.

Teamwork: Teaming with our customers and suppliers We are players because we don’t work for them, but with them.we work together, we establish the cold chain and the future we are building.

Accountability: As individuals, team members and as a company, we act with high performance expectations, a motivated sense of purpose and responsibility to sustain success in our business.

Quality: We are committed to providing high quality services and products to meet our customers’ needs. As a company, we never compromise on quality with the continuous
improvement of our business processes and quality control management