PHS Vertical Model Milk Cooling Tank Group from Bottom

- AISI 304 quality stainless steel
- The first wall base is 2 mm and 0.8 mm Ep type laser welded cooling
evaporator surface is coupled to the wall.
- 1. wall body 1.5mm Insulated body 1mm The cooling unit is mounted to the tank body from below.
- One 25 W, 21 rpm reducer and a stainless steel agitator blade connected to it are available.
- The insulation thickness is 50 mm and made of HCFC-free watervased high-density polyurethane foam material.
Product outlet has a DN40 and DN50 stainless steel butterfly valve. A spring cover is available.
- There is a O 200 mm product inlet lid on the cover. A manual measuring scale with a precision ratio
of 3-4% is available.
- Ajustable bolt feet are available on the bottom. It is designed so that zero liquid
remains inside during the discharge. Welded areas are 1st class Argon TIG wlding and 1 st class smooth
polished Milk drain tap.

Cooling Group

- Fast and frost-free cooling according to minimum milk quantity
- Minimum amount of gas charge
- A 404 Gas Cooled Peymak Milk Cooling Tanks provide the possibility of
cooling each milking (32 C- 38C) from 35 C to 4 C at ambient temperature.
- Direct cooling system Certificate of conformity to TSE 13732/CE/EAC standard
- Test compliance report .Optional designs for 2-line, 4-line 6-line milking systems available.

Electrical Group

- Electrical panels with protection class IP 65
- The tank operate with 220 volt energy.
- Temperature display with digital thermometer
- Specially designed electronic control card for easy operation of the tank and control of milk temperature. Phase protection relay
- The system is automatically deativated when the tank cover is opened.
- Automatic mixing program with special software; after the milk reachesthe desired set value, the operating time of the mixer can be adjusted in the desired intervals. (3 minutes operation and 10 minutes stop)

Washing System

- Manual wash

CapacityMin.Amount of MilkCompressorReducerFanTotal ConsumptionGenerator PowerClass
50 L20 L0,20 KW/0,25 HP Hermetic Komp.0,006 KWO 250/0,016 KW0.22 KW2 KW2 B II
100 L30 L0,37 KW/0,50 HP Hermetic Komp.0,006 KWO 250/0,016 KW0.44 KW2 KW2 B II
150 L30 L0,37 KW/0,50 HP Hermetic Komp.0,006 KWO 250/0,016 KW0.44 KW2 KW2 B II
200 L70 L0,86 KW/0,75 HP Hermetic Komp.0,07 KWO 300/0,085 KW1.02 KW2 KW2 B II
300 L80 L0,28 KW/1 HP Hermetic Komp.0,07 KWO 300/0,085 KW1.44 KW3 KW2 B II
500 L90 L0,89 KW/1,5 HP Hermetic Komp.0,07 KWTO 300/0,135 KW2.10 KW5 KW2 B II