Who are we ?

When We Started

PEYMAK started its production activities in 2002 with a product portfolio that provides the collection, transportation and cooling of milk in the dairy industry.

Our Mission

To meet the expectations of our customers at the level of service with our principle of honesty, in a way that respects the society and nature.

Our vision

With our innovative, quality and customer-oriented service approach Our aim is to be one of the leading companies in the world. Our company provides high service standards to its customers. aims to carry its respected brand forward by offering

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It contributes to the growth of the Turkish and world economy by producing all of our products together with professionals specialized in the sector.

Our products








As the pioneer of new developments and differentiation, we provide full assurance to our customers with its widespread service network in every part of the world, which has taken serious and confident steps since its establishment.

What is the Cold Chain?

Cold chain refers to all of the cold storage, cold transportation and similar processes that must be applied in order to preserve their properties at every stage from the production to consumption of the foodstuffs required.

Cold Chain in Milk Processing?

Milk is the raw material of many products produced from it. Therefore, the initial bacterial load contained in unprocessed raw milk is very important. Many bacterial loads are very important in milk microflora.

Where Can I Get Product Maintenance and Support?

You can get product maintenance with the help of many of our dealers and maintenance and support from us.

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